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TUF Blog: Marciea Allen Part 7


I feel sorry for my next victim. Need I say anything else? Team #Blckwdw

— Marciea Allen (@MarcieaAllen) October 25, 2018

Now we’re on a three-fight losing streak. I’m no longer in the competition and I’m unable to train, but somehow still trying to figure out my contribution to the team.

In regards of the last several fights, it seems as though Team Whittaker has one thing going for them, and that’s showcasing their ground game.

Seeing Leah after her fight against Bea would force anyone who didn’t watch the fight to believe that Bea won, just by looking at them both and considering the amount of damage Leah took.

In speaking with Leah, she definitely agreed she needed more head movement and that taking that amount of damage wouldn’t happen again moving forward.

On the other side of the spectrum, seeing the tension in the fighter house start to rise wasn’t very pleasant to witness, considering that I prefer to be at peace.

This made me wonder if this was the beginning to what would seem like an eternity of confrontation with us still having four weeks remaining and lots of alcohol on the house.

With there being only one featherweight prelim fight remaining, I was eager to see Macy go to war. Being her teammate and watching her train each day with the intensity she brought to each training session only made me wonder how much more intense she’d be facing her opponent.

We’ve only been in the TUF gym and house for two weeks, even though there’s been seven episodes. Each day passes by extremely slow and being in the position I was in made it worse to stay.

The only thing I could think of was getting healthy, and I credit a lot of my recovery to the producers who allowed rehabilitation for me at the UFC Performance Institute and two check-ins a week with the physician. Thank TUF!

They really cared about our well being and it showed, not only with myself, but the other fighters in the house.