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Oscar 'Moisty' Herrera Is Eyeing 2022 Nickname Of The Year | UFC FIGHT PASS

Fury FC’s Oscar Herrera Has The Dedication, Fight Style And Skill To Win Many Fights, Awards And Honors. The First Award He May Win, However, Has Nothing To Do With Any Of Those Intangibles.

He may one day win a flyweight title, he may one day earn a UFC contract but, for now, Oscar “Moisty” Herrera of Fury FC may be kicking in the door or 2022 UFC FIGHT PASS Nickname of the Year.

Oscar Herrera is on pace for a 2023 FIGHT PASS Fighter to Watch slot and it may come immediately after winning one of the most “that’s pretty cool, I guess” awards under the UFC FIGHT PASS banner.

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Completely unfamiliar with the regional terminology of a teammate, the easygoing young gun in the gym was the perfect target of teammate ribbing that would turn into a gym-wide joke.

“There was an old teammate where I was training out of, I forget what state he was out of but he was always talking about, ‘that’s moist,’” Herrera laughed. “They used ‘moist’ over there a lot. Then our old coach used to just call me ‘Moisty.’”

The joke went one step further before Herrera even went pro, when it wasn’t just his coaches referring to him by the confusing nickname; it was Mike Kendall, as well.

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“I never knew that was my nickname,” Herrera said. “Well, then at LFA 5 I was walking out, and it was my third ammy fight. My coach filled out my paperwork the day before. I didn’t even know my nickname was that until I was in the cage and they said my name.”

The surprise may have knocked him off his game, as Herrera would go on to suffer his first loss, but the sting of the loss was almost completely washed away thanks to one young fan’s love for his new nickname.

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“There was a little kid when I was walking out who was yelling at me from the stands, like, ‘Moisty! Can you sign my gloves?!’” Herrera recalled.

It might be odd, it might be unexpected, and it might even be a little gross, but it’s the exact kind of nickname that suits Herrera and he knows it.

“I’m really always smiling and s***,” Herrera explained. “I don’t come off as very intimidating so I wouldn’t have ever wanted to come out with an intimidating name.”

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