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Nicky Rod Seeking Out The Submission | FPI 6

Stepping Into His Sixth UFC Fight Pass Invitational Match, Nicholas “Nicky Rod” Rodriguez Looks To Leave Las Vegas With A Dominant Submission Victory

One of the biggest names in grappling, Nicky Rod is looking to leave fans with yet another reason why he should be considered the pound-for-pound #1 grappler.

Rodriguez is no newcomer to the Fight Pass Invitational stage. Through five matches, Rodriguez boasts a 4-1 record and will co-headline the sixth Fight Pass Invitational on March 3rd against Roberto Jimenez. In his match with Jimenez, Rodriguez looks to do more than the bare minimum to get his hand raised. The Natty King is looking to make Jimenez say ‘uncle.’

“The goal is to submit the opponent; I have many different tools to be able to submit my opponent,” Rodriguez said. “I’ve had really good success submitting opponents. Now with the newer UFC FIGHT PASS ruleset, I’m looking to control my opponent on the ground then chase a submission soon after.”

The New Jersey-born grappler attributes his hunt for finishes to his wrestling roots. While, yes, in theory, winning by pin is scored on your record the same as a decision, putting a decisive finish together by way of tech fall or pin benefits team scoring more than simply outpointing the opponent.

“I want the best result, which is a submission. I typically go out there having the single goal of being completely offensive the entire match,” Rodriguez said. “I would say my goal is to be attacking the entire match and when my opponent starts to make mistakes I’ll start to capitalize.”

A charismatic personality and entertaining grappling style are enough to intimidate any potential opponent. If that isn’t enough, Rodriguez always can lean on the “Black Belt Slayer” nickname he earned early in his grappling career. The Garden State native keeps his style unwavering to the opponent he will be stepping onto the mat with, and a dominant win is sought every time, no matter how they rank in comparison.

“Personally, I don’t really focus on the faults that my opponents have. I’ll study my opponents, see their weaknesses, what they like, and the kind of lives that they live,” Rodriguez explained. “As far as their emotional state and what they think of me, I really don’t think about that stuff. I try to focus on my gameplan and being offensive in various ways.”

Look for Nicky Rod to seek out a quick finish at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational and further cement his name in the conversation as the world’s best grappler.

Can Nicky Rod continue his UFC FIGHT PASS Invitational dominance? Or will Roberto Jimenez make his own statement and leave Las Vegas with a huge victory?


FPI 6 is LIVE on March 3rd from The UFC APEX on UFC FIGHT PASS!