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It’s Smooth Sailing For Gianni Vazquez | UFC Fight Pass

Hard Work, A Name Change And The Best Flyweights Outside Of The UFC Have Led Fury FC’s Gianni Vazquez To The Fury FC 73 Main Event.

Nearly all of Gianni Vazquez’s problems have been solved since graduating to Fury FC… and changing his name.

Gianni Vazquez spent the first seven years of his career bouncing from Mexico to California for fights. Whether it was Muay Thai, BJJ or MMA, Vazquez was always able to find competition but he faced two problems along the way. His name and the records of his fights.

“I used to have three different Sherdogs because my name is Gianni Carlo Di Chiara Vazquez. Latin Americans, we use both last names but then they were doing so many mistakes with my name, so I just put my Tapology as Gianni Vazquez,” Vazquez explained. “I have so many issues with my record. The truth is my record should be 10-4 instead of 8-4, but we couldn’t fix that one.”

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Two wins may sound like a trivial complaint, but the difference between fighting a 10-4 fighter and an 8-4 fighter who fights like a 10-4 fighter has made for complications for Vazquez recently.

“It’s no secret that people are already trying to avoid me,” Vazquez said. “I tried to offer the fight against three different opponents, and they didn’t want to take it. They already know that I’m a dangerous opponent because, on paper, maybe I’m not going to look as good as some of them, but the reality is that when the time to fight comes, I’m a problem for everybody.”

Stability and competition at his weight class were what drew him to Fury FC, and while there are still flyweights afraid to share the cage with him, the reputation of being the most feared flyweight in the deepest pool of flyweights outside of the UFC benefits Vazquez more than even a correct Tapology page.

“I really want to test myself against the best and Fury has a lot of names at flyweight,” Vazquez said. “There’s a lot of good guys with good records and that’s where I want to be at. The way to get to the big show is to test yourself against the best and prove you’re better than them. I am going to prove it.”

The UFC is the goal, and Vazquez may not be far away, but first things first - dominating Fury FC.

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Some of the hottest flyweights outside of the UFC are still running through opponents like water, but until Gianni Vazquez is gone, he feels like the Josh Vans and the Nick Piccininnis of the world are still fighting for second best.

“I like the champ, Van,” Vazquez confessed. “I think he’s good but, to be honest, if you look at the people he has fought, I’ve been fighting stronger people and better people. I’m more mature, I’m older than him, I’m getting to my prime and I’ve fought a guy like him before. He was the champion of Combate Americas at 135 and that guy is like 9-1, he only lost against me, and I told him, ‘Your time will come, but right now it’s my time.’ And I believe the same with Van. He’s a younger guy, he’s a hungry guy, he’s going to have a good future, but right now it’s my time.”

The journey to the top for Gianni Vazquez continues at Fury FC 73, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!