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David Carr’s Famous UFC 273 Nap

Any Time You Have A Chance To Embarrass Your Friend, You Take It. That’s The Lesson Yianni Diakomihalis Taught David Carr After Carr Fell Asleep At UFC 273 And Woke Up To The Nap On Social Media

Everything David Carr does is high-profile. From his National Championship run to his return to his high school to his rivalry with Keegan O’Toole, it should come as no surprise that even one of his naps was front page news.

When he’s not wrestling, you can usually find David Carr somewhere close to a TV watching UFC pay-per-views. Despite the sports being different, the fandom adds up. Wrestlers have always played a huge role in MMA, and with Carr’s caliber of wrestling, you’d have to imagine he watches, thinking, “I could use my wrestling and make quite the run in this sport.”

After years of watching the sport through many different lenses, Carr finally decided to go to a PPV… and fell asleep.

“To be fair, the main card didn’t start till one o’clock or twelve at night or something,” Carr said in defense of himself. “We’re all there we’re watching all the fights, I remember I watched this kid from Ireland they call him ‘The Future,’ Ian Garry; he’s a stud. I remember I watched him knock some guys out. It’s way more exciting in person, for sure, but I was like, ‘Yianni [Diakomihalis], it’s like 12:00 at night. I go to sleep pretty early; I’m going to take a little nap and I’ll wake up for the main card. As soon as I started falling asleep a little bit, Yianni pulls out his phone and started a video and put me on blast in front of everyone.”

Carr has only himself to blame, knowing the company he was with. The Cyclone was in Florida with Yianni Diakomihalis, Vito Arujao, as well as Kylie Welker, all in the same condo.

Knowing full well the kind of antics everybody was capable of, Carr still valued some shut eye over potential ramifications.

“They were going to mess with me,” Carr confessed. “They do usually play little pranks. We’re all staying together, that’s the thing.”

Carr would go on to explain that the combat was mutual, and the group was following a strict “eye for an eye” policy once they crossed into the prank territory. At the moment, however, the record doesn’t reflect any embarrassing moments caught by Carr. History only shows the most famous nap in Iowa State Cyclone history.

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